PHANTOM LIMB: Artist Chris Roberts-Antieau to Debut New Collection at Antieau Gallery

Contact:  Heidi M. HendrickPhantom Limb

(504) 304-0849

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—-New Orleans artist and gallery-owner Chris Roberts-Antieau is hosting an opening reception on Saturday, November 15, 2014, to unveil her new collection entitled “Phantom Limb.” The Opening will be held at Antieau Gallery located in the French Quarter at 927 Royal Street.  The event will begin at 6 pm.

Self-taught and internationally known, Antieau is most recognized and revered for her fabric appliqué. Her work is featured in museums all over the country, including Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum, and in the personal collections of such influential people as Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. Identifying as an “outsider artist,” Antieau bridges the complicated gap between fine art and craft.

The title of the collection, “Phantom Limb,” comes from the “phantom limb phenomenon” which exists in the mind of many amputees. Those affected experience “an absolute sensation related to all aspects of the missing appendage, from ‘reaching out’ to hold an object to acute pain,” says Antieau. The pieces included in “Phantom Limb” are all connected by themes of perception and individual reality, as well as loss and permanence. Antieau writes:

I am fascinated by the mind’s ability to create individual perception, and by the self-constructed belief systemthat creates that perception. We are what we believe we are. Therefore, what we believe becomes our reality. This body of work is my attempt to alter your perception of reality, just a little. And to perhaps have you question or reaffirm the things you believe.

The opening reception on November 15th concludes with a performance by New Orleans cellist Helen Gillet at 9pm. “Phantom Limb” will run from November 15th to December 20th, 2014. Antieau Gallery is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is located at 927 Royal St.

For more information, please contact Antieau’s Studio Manager, Heidi Hendrick at (504) 304-0849, and visit

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