John Schneider’s SMOTHERED ”Lets the Dogs Out”

John Schneider’s SMOTHERED  ”Lets the Dogs Out”

John Schneider’s feature film SMOTHERED screened at an “Invitation Only Premiere” in New Orleans Friday, May 16, 2014 at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel on Canal Street to a crowd of several hundred people that included local dignitaries and celebrities, as well as many of the film’s cast and crew.

The event featured a red carpet and pre-reception, followed by a screening of the film, and a Q&A with Writer & Director, John Schneider.  The film was shot entirely in south Louisiana, and utilized primarily Louisiana cast and crew.

Many of the film’s local stars were in attendance, including Shanna Forrestall (Trixie), Dane Rhodes (Randy), Wayne Pere (Ranger Moochie), Ray Gaspard (the Gay Zombie), as well as Gigi Bella Perkins (Fritter) the film’s female canine star, and Easy Perkins (Fritter’s Stunt Double) due to the Sheraton’s ‘pet friendly policy.’

Film Trailer:

PRESS PHOTO 2 - Shanna Forrestall_Gigi Perkins _ John Schneider_Easy Perkins - photo by Brandon Willis

PRESS PHOTO 1 - Shanna Forrestall_Easy_Gigi_John Schneider - photo by Brandon Willis

Photos by Brandon Willis – Photos Feature Shanna Forrestall (Trixie) and Gigi Bella Perkins (Fritter), Easy Perkins (Fritter’s Stunt Double) and John Schneider – the Writer and Director of Smothered

One thought on “John Schneider’s SMOTHERED ”Lets the Dogs Out””

  1. JOHN SCHNEIDER’s SMOTHERED is a very funny film with touches of horror here and there. Mostly, you want to see the stars of the film who are iconic horror stars in their own right. They all have their personalities and as a viewer, you keep wondering what it’s all about and how they relate to one another. Each scene has a flavor all its own and looking around the audience, I noticed people laughing in all the right places and making sounds of disbelief during a moment of shock. It’s a very different kind of movie that doesn’t play on the old motif of “pretty blonde girl gets killed by the wicked monster.” No, it’s a turn around delightfully and skillfully written and directed by JOHN SCHNEIDER. Thanks.

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