John Goodman Supports the New Orleans Film Festival


John Goodman Supports the New Orleans Film FestivalDSC_2696

Veteran screen actor John Goodman appeared Tuesday, May 6th, at the Hotel Modern in New Orleans to support the New Orleans Film Society.  His appearance coincided with the 25th anniversary of the New Orleans Film Festival and the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s GiveNOLA Day, an online initiative designed to support the area’s non-profits.  The New Orleans Film Society hoped to raise $10,000 through GiveNOLA.

Goodman shall act as a liaison or ambassador for NOFS though his exact duties remain undefined.  He noted in his brief comments that more film production occurs in Louisiana now than anywhere else.

Goodman remarked on his long association with the New Orleans area, which began professionally with the movie ‘The Big Easy.’

DSC_2698“Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin were the stars of the movie, but the real star was New Orleans,” Goodman observed.  “And it is that something that New Orleans has. It’s more than just a setting, a background. It becomes a character in every film they shoot down here. I don’t think you find that anywhere else.”

Goodman appeared with Jolene Pinder, Executive Director of the New Orleans Film Society, and its President Alexa Georges.  All three noted the recent success of the New Orleans Film Festival, which has increased attendance and visibility since Louisiana’s emergence as a primary center for film production.

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