2013 Fear Fête Horror Film Festival Calls for Entries

The third annual Fear Fête Horror Film Festival has opened its early entry period for horror film submissions. During the early submission period, the festival invites all filmmakers from around the world to submit their independent horror films for free until February 15, 2013.

Fear Fête is Louisiana’s premier horror film festival, showcasing many of the world’s best independent horror films over the course of three nights in October. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will host the 2013 festival once again, showcasing short and feature-length films in sub-genre categories of horror.

“We are stoked to be kicking off another year of offering film submissions for the 2013 festival. We look forward to seeing all the great films submitted and hope to smash another record for number of submissions once again this year,” stated Derek Morris, Executive Director for Fear Fête.

The festival will be held in October 2013. Dates and venue will be announced at a later date.

Official Entry rules and the entry form can be accessed here. The deadline for all submissions for the 2013 Fear Fête Horror Film Festival is June 28, 2013.

2 thoughts on “2013 Fear Fête Horror Film Festival Calls for Entries”

  1. Hi Guys

    Our Horror Festival in England appears to have the same mission as yours, which is to support independent Horror Films. So if any of your film makers want there films screened in England, please send them our way. Further details of our festival can be found on our website – http://www.horror-on-sea.com

    The best of luck with the Fear Fete Horror Film Festival.

    Best Wishes


    Festival Director
    Horror-on-Sea Film Festival


  2. Hello, we are David Muñoz and Adrián Cardona, the directors of the short film “Fist of Jesus” a lowbudget short film in which we did almost everything ourselves doing every job, from FX to wardrobe and even stuntmen.
    After its release last year the film went viral with more than one million visits in two months and won more than 60 prizes in Fantasy Film Festivals, many of them audience awards.
    We are in the process of preparing the feature film adaptation, a cross between the New Testament and “Mad Max”.
    Here is the link for the Kickstarter page, would it be possible for you to help us to spread the word:


    Thank you for your time!

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