Holbrook Multi-Media Tapped to Test New HD Camera

Having invested millions in production development, The Canon Corporation’s hopes were high for a successful launch of their new C-300 – HD Cinema Camera. With only a few fully functional prototypes available, Canon chose Holbrook Multi-Media of Lafayette as one of the video production firms to test the technology.

Among other marketing and advertising projects, Holbrook utilized Canon’s new experimental Beyond HD technology during production of “The Cajun Coast,” a tourism video for St. Mary’s Parish. So impressed was Canon by the extraordinary footage, which captured the culture of the rustic bayou region and its extraordinary environment, that they featured it at their exhibit during the NAB Convention.

Holbrook Founder and CEO, Bob Holbrook, describes the response to his firm’s work at the show: “Over 100,000 broadcasting executive and production artists from around the world gather at this, the largest exhibit in the industry. It takes quite a show to stop show-making professionals in their tracks. Footage captured by us, using the new C-300, did just that.

“I was quite proud of the entire Holbrook Team and the end result. It not only demonstrated the extraordinary capabilities of the Canon technology, but it delivered a clear message to the industry that Louisiana is a valid global contender when it comes to deciding where to shoot projects and who to shoot them with.” View the Canon NAB reel below.

In return for its contribution in the successful launch of the new C-300 Camera, Canon has offered Holbrook ‘first dibs’ to take delivery on the new technology for full-time use. Holbrook and his team took little time in accepting the offer.

“The new C-300 HD Camera gives Holbrook a clear edge in our ability to provide a higher standard of quality for our clients,” said Holbrook. “At the same time, we can expand our own personal and professional horizons and deliver an end video product we and all of Louisiana can be more proud of to represent just how far we’ve come as a state to position ourselves as a major player for significant marketing and production projects.”

For more information, visit www.HolbrookMultiMedia.com.

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