Office of Louisiana Entertainment Launches New Site

Louisiana Entertainment recently announced the launch of its new Web site,, which introduces many new features and a modern design that showcases Louisiana’s film, interactive, live performance, and music incentive programs. The new site is a bold new step to showcase Louisiana’s burgeoning entertainment industry that has benefited from the State’s comprehensive suite of incentives.

The site is committed to providing a unique experience for industry professionals and novices, and includes a new production and location directory, educational resources, and the latest entertainment news. A picture gallery highlights Louisiana-made films, records, plays and performances, video games and software. Users can find links to Louisiana Entertainment’s social media outlets or sign up for the newsletter.

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One thought on “Office of Louisiana Entertainment Launches New Site”

  1. 3 weeks ago, I mailed (reg.mail) a actor`s pic/resume to New Orleans “talent-agent”: TAG agency(a.k.a./ Atherton talent agency) ,It`s address is in canal st./new orleans, but my letter came back” moved no new address.” How can I find if this agency still in business?

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