Louisiana-Shot Films Now Available at Rouses

Two award-winning local movies, Belizaire the Cajun and Home Front, are now for sale in Rouses stores across the state.

Both films were shot in Louisiana, and were written, produced, and directed by Louisiana native Glen Pitre and Côte Blanche Productions.

Belizaire the Cajun, starring Armand Assante, is an award-winning romantic adventure set in 1859 Louisiana. To celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, it has been fully remastered and the DVD includes many special features. Home Front (originally titled The Scoundrel’s Wife when it was released in theaters in 2002) is a World War II-era film about a woman who is suspected of being a saboteur.

You can find both films at your local Rouses store. Visit their service desk and pick up either DVD for only $19.95.

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