Backyard Shed Films Receives “People to Watch” Award

Backyard Shed Films has been identified by New Orleans Magazine as one of the recipients of their “People to Watch” awards that will be featured in their September issue.

The team is being recognized for their work on their first feature film, Let’s Rob the Cheese Shop and for their most recent feature comedy, Trailer Park Jesus, which was completed in August of 2011.

Filming for Trailer Park Jesus took place in Port Allen and New Orleans in the fall of 2010, with a skilled cadre of local cast and crew. “Our talent is finding the talent to tell our stories. If momentum builds, and Backyard Shed Films makes it as a film powerhouse, it is entirely due to our Louisiana actors and crew,” says writer and director Sean Gerowin.

The Backyard Shed Films team will spend the year (2011-2012) submitting Trailer Park Jesus to film festivals to achieve a wider audience for their “gospel” while beginning pre-production on their next feature project.

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